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InternField connects the best Candidates with the best Employers. If you are a Candidate or Employer, apply today to get your account approved for the InternField Event.

10 minutes could get you multiple offers and your first job, in the field of your dreams!

Apply Now    How It Works

Apply Now    How It Works




1. Apply to Join!

Alright, you got your degree, or you're about to, and now you're stressing out about finding that perfect job, at that perfect company. We've all been there, and we're here to help! Apply for your InternField invite, we'll help you get placed in your field.

The solution? Candidates and Employers all under one roof for the Live InternField Event. We'll bring the decision makers, you bring your best self. Get ready for multiple offers at the Event and the beginning of your career.

A few weeks prior to the Live InternField Event, you'll receive your InternField invite at the email you provided at sign up. Once in, you'll be able to create your profile, manage your account, and submit it for final approval.

2. Get your Account Approved

After answering a few questions and filling out your InternField profile, your Account will need to be submitted for approval. Once approved, you'll receive further instructions about the Event and how to best prepare for it.

During this time, an InternField Candidate Advocate will reach out to assist you, they'll provide a helping hand along the way and some material to help increase your chances of getting your Account Approved for the Event.

3. Prepare for the Event

Preparing for the InternField Event will also be facilitated by our Candidate Advocate, ensuring you're guided every step of the way. We're here to help you polish up that diamond and showcase your best talents.

While preparing for the Event you'll have some homework to do, but don't worry, not the long and tedious kind. You've worked really hard to get here, we'll make sure to keep our end of the deal and help prepare you for the Event.

4. Get Multiple Offers at the Event

InternField works diligently with Universities, to bring Employers in and around your city under one roof, for the Live Event.

This provides an exclusive marketplace where everyone wins. Candidates get multiple offers, Universities help Candidates make their career dreams come true and Employers get access to top Candidates.


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Meet 100+ Top Candidates

Let InternField do the work for you, meet the best Candidates the Academy has to offer, all at the InternField Event.

Time is Money, lets not waste it

Each applicant is carefully selected, so you don't have to. Only 10% of applicants get accepted for the Event.

Find the Perfect Candidate

Tired of searching through 200+ resumes from that scorching hot day you spent at the job fair? We can help!

Close the Deal Quickly with InternField

From search to official offer in just two weeks. Forget "I'll get back to you next semester," find the Candidate your company needs to get ahead now!


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InternField is a job platform where placing Candidates looking for their first job, is the name of the game. Our mission is to make getting in your field, easier.

We All Know The Job Fair Drill

Candidates place their resumes on a 500+ pile of other resumes only to hope someone gets back to them next Spring. That does not seem ideal. On the Employer side, setting up a booth that hot summer day and waiting to receive 500+ resumes from prospects with nothing but white paper and black ink to tell Rob from Bob, seems less ideal.

At InternField Our Goals Are Simple

Help Candidates launch their careers and get them in their field.

Help Employers find the best Candidates and close the deal.

Help Universities match Candidates with the right Employers.

InternField achieves this by creating a marketplace where Candidates and Employers meet face-to-face. We work diligently in curating the best Candidates and Employers to ensure everyone is happy after the exclusive InternField Event.


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